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Award winning coaching in Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Computational Algorithmic Thinking, Robotics, Electronics and Programming

In 2018, AI CUBED started to provide an engaging and fun way for children aged 7-16 and their parents to explore computer science, robotics, and physical computing. Our founders are seasoned industry professionals who teach with energy, heart and passion.

AI CUBED don't just promote 'what' to learn, but also 'how' to learn. We teach Design Thinking, Computational Algorithmic Thinking and Problem-Solving methodologies, all adopted from proven industry best practice and our students have won dozens of awards in competiions both national and internationally.

If your child is just starting out as a complete beginner, or already interested through activities at their school, our programs are the perfect next step to help prepare for the artificial intelligent world of tomorrow.


We help students overcome challenges to achieve great results and then take time to celebrate and promote their success. Joy is a journey that has different paths for each student.


We have unique and effective ways at coaching students on three key methodologies: Design Thinking, Problem Solving and Computational Algorithmic Thinking


We encourage students to enter internationally recognised competitions to measure their learning and growth against the best in the world.


A selection of our major achievments over the last two seasons in regional, national and international competition.

We regularly have students enter and achieve high places and awards in FRC, FLL, Robocup, OUCC and AIO competitions and more.


We offer Foundation and Academy programs. Our Academy program is designed to bring industry practice to the classroom, taught by experts from the field.

Students develop a balance of technical and thinking skills, including confidence, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication.

Academy students have opportunities to enter state, national and international competitions.

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”

—Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Author

Bringing Design Thinking to Schools

Over the last three years, our end of year Design Thinking competition has introduced students to a process of designing with empathy, research, prototyping and feedback loops to continuously improve.

We are inviting schools to join us again in 2023, and we provide learning templates adopted from industry, teacher training, subject matter experts for feedback and judging, and in some cases senior tech industry experts to come to your school and present to your students. To enquire about how your school can join, send us an enquiry to dion@ai3.academy

"I highly recommend participating in the AI Cubed Innovation Competition. The competition is free for all participants and schools involved and provides students with a unique opportunity to enhance their problem solving and design thinking skills. The competition allows students to explore technology and to engage with experts in the field. Students work in teams to solve real life problems and create solutions using ICT. The team at AI Cubed are kind, supportive and very friendly. Dion visited our school on a number of occasions to support our students during the process and guide them along their journey. The kids looked forward to his arrival and gained valuable information from his support." Peter McClure - Teacher, Glen Iris Primary

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein


Charlie Cheng

Founder and Principal

Charlies interests have always been product innovation and high performance coaching, having led and coached multiple international development teams. His product innovations have helped businesses grow smoothly and globally and he honed his craft at innovation giants like Effective Measure and TIC Group.

His coaching has led students into leadership positions at well respected companies. Since 2018 his passion has been tech education for children and he has many accolades. From first coaching a student team to silver at 2019 RoboCup state championships, Charlie has taken teams and students to many finals in robotics, coding and maths competitions around the globe.

Charlie loves the outdoors, photography and family. He treasures nothing more than spending time with his wife, two energetic kids, even more energetic dog and not so energetic cat!

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Dion Stojsavljevic

Co-Founder and Vice Principal

Over the last 20+ years, Dion has held senior roles at two of the worlds most respected tech companies, Intel and Microsoft.

From marketing, sales, global partner management, logistics and strategy, Dion's career is centered on building strong relationships and creative problem-solving.

Dion has a wealth of teaching experience, lecturing and creating course content for TAFE in the 1990's, teaching hands on maths at over 75 primary and secondary schools, along with years of mentoring and volunteer work.

Dion loves travel, music, fast cars and basketball, but most of all loves telling cringey dad jokes to his three amazing children.

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